We offer glass scratch repair service with the best specialists. Are you frustrated of looking through your window and not being able to see the crisp transparency of the glass? Annoyed with the scratches on your store front window? Your amateur contractor broke your bank by not properly handling the glass for your project?
Whatever the situation, we have the best solution. We also teach you how to repair your own glass and when its best to call a professional. Rather than replacing an expensive glass panel, we can repair the damages at an affordable price.

Our services include but are not limited to:


Commercial and residential glass window and door scratch removal


Building exteriors (Balconies and glass panels)


Removing water stains and built up contaminants by resurfacing the glass


Store front window graffiti removal


Graffiti film application (to prevent future graffiti damage)


Acid etch removal


Glass shower enclosure scratch and hard water stain removal


Rendering services to trains, airplanes and automobiles


Skylight restoration (glass and acrylic)


Aquarium scratch removal (glass and acrylic)


Elevator glass panel scratch removal


Windshield scratch removal


Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can scratched glass be repaired or should it be replaced?

Scratched glass can be repaired and in most all cases is cost efficient. Replacing a glass panel is always more costly and also time consuming as you usually have to have the glass cut and then handled and shipped, not to mention the possibility of having it scratched during the transportation/installation process.

With Vivid Clear Glass we take out all the unecessary steps and get down to the problem at a percentage of the cost. We offer a proven method of servicing your damaged glass, we always like to see the work before we can come to a conclusion on the outcome since the depth of a scratch can usually mean some distortion but we always aim for distortion free work. There are methods to determine how deep a scratch is and what it would mean for the project at hand, at this point we consult with our clients on behalf of their best interest.

We live near the ocean and our windows/glass doors are constantly being stained by the salt water, can this be corrected?

Yes, it most certainly can. Repairing your outdoor window/glass door will restore it to its original form and shine, it will remove the salt water stain and any other outdoor element stains that may have stained the glass over the years.

Do you charge for estimates?

Absolutely not, all our estimates are free of charge. We always like to take a look at the work at hand so we recommend getting in touch with us, or sending us images of the work. We are always willing to take a look at the work on site as it gives us the most accurate information for estimates.

Does Glass Scratch Remover repair chipped or cracked glass?

No, we do not repair chipped or cracked glass. Our proven method of repairing glass does not involve any chemical solutions (usually gel) which fill in the cracks and then dry to a clear state. We offer a cost effective method that buffs out imperfections.

Long after your servicess should I polish the glass in order to maintain the appeal and integrity of the areas repaired?

We pride ourselves in the level of service we provide which means that long after the work has been completed there is no need for you to maintain the glass. The only maintenance on your part is keeping the glass clean from oily hand smudges and everyday use but the repair itself is self sustaining.